Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Combining my hobbies

Today I gave a class on heritage scrapping to other members of the San Diego Genealogical Society. What a fun thing to do to get other people already interested in their heritage to get involved in a complementary hobby--digital scrapbooking! They were great listeners and I hope to see some super heritage pages from them soon. Last week, I taught a beginning German research class at the San Diego Family History Center, which I will repeat in a few months. I will also give a class on Passenger Lists and Immigration at the San Diego Genealogical Society Library in November. The SDGS library has classes on lots of topics, so check out their schedule at their website. If you're interested in the Family History Center's line-up of classes, call them for a schedule: 619-584-7668.

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  1. Hi -- I looked up your blog from the DigiScrap Connect contest. I really, really liked all your kits (actually the last two - I just found the store a week ago). Thank you for posting them!! It's interesting because I got into Digiscrapping as a way to make my genealogy books look more interesting, and I see references to your genealogy work, too. I guess I'm just posting here so you know you have one more follower. :)